Friday, June 22, 2012

A long time has passed since my 'last Post' !! We have had 'Fall, Winter, Spring & now the official day of Summer' of 2012. There has been a whole lot of  'LIVIN' goin on in my life. But the 'need' to write continues to be in my SOUL. So whether anyone else is reading this or not, is not a problem, I am writing for the pleasure it brings to my 'soul & spirit'. I am writing to use the gift that GOD has 'given' to me, to use 4 HIS GLORY, as HE CHOOSES.
A 'glorious hot summer day' it was !! I used it to bring 'joy' into the lives of 2 neighbor children, who need lots of  LOVIN.  I was the receiver of blessing from giving them a special day.
I will call them 'vanilla & chocolate', they are sweet. They are GOD'S CHILDREN, & HE makes our life even SWEETER !!
Have a wonderful summer, knowing that when the SUN shines, the SON of GOD is SHINING also, over you. HE brings brightness into our lives, & takes away the darkness, that keeps HIM from shining in our lives into the lives of others.
Leaving you with a Hymn title, "Turn your eyes upon JESUS'. (Look full in His WONDERFUL FACE, and the things of earth will grown strangely DIM in the LIGHT of  HIS glory & grace" the Chorus 4 this hymn.
ISAIAH 26:3 - YOU will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on YOU O LORD, because he or she trusts in YOU.