Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sun. Nov. 14 - a Beautiful day in PA.

Today was a 'beautiful Nov. Sunday' !! Leaves were still on some of the trees, some yrs. they are OFF by Nov. 1, today is Nov. 14th.
Went to church this morning, to fellowship & worship GOD with other Christians. In the aft., after lunch, we decided to take another Sun. ride, while there were still some colored leaves on the trees. We saw some beautiful scenery & bldgs. We saw a barn with HEX signs, several ponds with SUN  shining on them, with leaves contrasting on the 'mirror like' pond. The 'SON' of GOD, tells us 'we also' can SHINE in this world for HIM, while looking in a mirror we see a TRUE image of ourself.
We travel 'county roads' on Sun. afts.every Autumn to ENJOY the beauty of this season, which is sooo short lived, before the 'rest period' of winter.True is the saying for us, "there is no place like home". We have all the 'beauty' of Autumn right in our own yard of 4 acres. We have been blessed by GOD with beautiful Maples on GOD'S Mountain. The apples are all picked, the leaves are leaving, we are working inside & outside to do 'all' that needs to be done, before the REST period of winter for GOD'S world of Nature.

Paul Harvey, The Man and The Birds.wmv