Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaving Summer behind for the Leaves of Autumn

Time to put behind the heat & humidity of Summer and embrace the cooler Autumn weather. This is my time of year to come 'alive' with energy. I look forward to the coming Thanksgiving season with JOY. Thanksgiving is sooo overlooked in this era that we live in today. Each day, if we would thank the LORD for 10 things, 5 for a starting point, we would be THANKFUL.
In Spring 'our first born child' Anita, & I visited beautiful Bartram's Garden in Phila., PA. Neither of us had ever been there. They are a National Historic Site. It is supposedly America's Oldest Living Botanical Garden. You can visit at    In 1728, Quaker farmer - John Bartram, established his botanical garden, where he raised both native & exotic plants. Of aprox. 320 species of plants sent to England by botanists during John's lifetime, the majority were collected and shipped by John and his son William, who shared his father's fascination with nature. Bartram's garden has a 200 yr. old  Yellowwood, 'Cladrastis kentukea', standing in front of the National Historic Landmark Bartram House. It is not manicured like LongWood Gardens, it is a Nature Site. The garden also has America's oldest Gingko tree. GOD HIMSELF planted the very FIRST GARDEN, HE is the creator of all Gardens, we are just the 'vessels' that maintain them.
GOD'S Grace & Peace to you,
Window of Apple Bldg. overlooking some of  Faith Orchard.

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