Thursday, July 5, 2012

JULY 4 2012

 The year 1776 makes this day possible. The signing of  "The Declaration of  Independence", representation of FREEDOM for the UNITED STATES of America. We have come so far away from realizing 'all' that  meant for us as a nation, one nation under GOD.
One day in October 1892, twelve million school children first pledged their allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. In 1990, in honor of  its' 100 anniv., historian June Swanson wrote the book,  "I Pledge Allegiance" for children, so they would understand 'what' they were actually saying in this Pledge. It was published by Carolrhoda Books in Minnesota.
Spiritually, we have been given FREEDOM 4 our Soul, thru the 'shed blood' of Jesus Christ on Calvary's Cross. It is a GIFT that needs to be received thru FAITH in HIM, by GOD'S GRACE & LOVE. Gospel of John 3:16, For GOD so loved the world that HE gave HIS ONLY Begotten SON that whosoever would believe in HIM, would not perish but have everlasting LIFE. FREEDOM 2 'worship GOD' as we please without harm. We need to PRAY that Freedom is never LOST in the U.S.A.
There are nations today, many in the Middle East, that suffer great persecution for their Faith in Christ JESUS, inhuman suffering, even to the point of Death. Their love 4 CHRIST is sooo strong & faithful, they do not turn away from HIM to Save their own life. HE gave HIS life 4 us, so they are willing to give their life for HIM. That is steadfast FAITH. There are two particular 'organizations' I am familiar with. They are Voice of the Martyrs at , the other is OPEN DOORS at . Open Doors has a daily Prayer Bulletin - bi monthly called "Prayer Force Alert", praying 4 persecuted Christians worldwide. Psalm 17:6 - I call on You, my GOD, for you will answer me.
In June , my husband & I visited Hershey Rose Garden, now called Hershey Gardens, they have all kinds of beautiful flowers there, other than just Roses. It was another very Hot day, but a lovely visit to this beautiful Garden. While there we saw the cutest little critters, one of my favorites, the Chipmunk. We saw 2 of them playing amongst the colorful flower beds, munching on some morsels they had found. GOD'S Creation - Genesis chapter 1
Another 'freedom' that is available in the USA is to 'visit' whatever your heart desires, to plan your days according to your choosing. God's plans sometimes 'change' the direction of our plans.  HE is Sovereign.

More of GOD'S beautiful creation, right in my own backyard, the gorgeous Asiatic Lilly, called Burgundy. Perennials are a favorite of mine, for various reasons.
All of GOD'S beauty started in a GARDEN, the Garden of  Eden. Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemane. The beauty of Gardens was GOD'S idea.
We have the 'freedom' to choose even the flowers that we put in our yard. If we truly believe that GOD is the creator of 'all', then we also have the Freedom to worship HIM even as we tend to our Gardens.

FREEDOM doesn't give us the right to do what we please, but to do 'what pleases GOD'.

God's Blessings to you, from HIS treasure A.M.