Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day - 2010

In yrs. past, this was "Decoration day" - the grave sites of  Armed Service Veterans were decorated and 'stil are today', by volunteers.  This is MEMORIAL DAY Parade 2010
It was in times past, the person that SOLD the 'most Poppies' marched in the Parade, but for many yrs. now, they RIDE in a CAR......little known fact about ME, I was 'Poppy girl' one yr., around age 10.
"My Dad"  was a Survivor of WWII   I purchased a 'POPPY' in memory of my Dad and 'in honor' of all the Armed Service men & women 'FIGHTING for our FREEDOM'  even TODAY......FREEDOM is 'not free'.  We know that, but do we 'really focus on the COST' that is PAID for our Freedoms. Lives are 'lost', just as CHRIST JESUS lost his LIFE for our 'Salvation Freedom', in HIM.