Wednesday, February 17, 2010

After Winter Storms comes the Beauty of 'new life' in Spring

the Beauty of a SNOW BLIZZARD on GOD'S MOUNTAIN in PA. Grey & White Junco birds waiting in the 'big Majestic Maple' for a snack to keep their bodies' warm, in the frigid Feb. day...... their is beauty in every season, in every day....cause GOD is the Creator of ALL. A hymn says, 'His Eye is on the Sparrow, & I know HE WATCHES ME'
The 'doorway' to warmth & comfort. Just open the door & U will see........
There is another 'doorway' that needs to be opened...that is the 'door' of our heart, to allow CHRIST JESUS to come into our life. Then too, inside of us, will be warmth & comfort, peace & joy.There will be less worry about 'what happens' all around us, cause we will have the assurence of the Savior's watching over us..minute by minute, daily, no matter what the 'storm' around us may be.
Psalm 84-'Dwelling with GOD'
V.4 speaks of a 'sparrow', v. 10-12 speaks of GOD'S LOVING Protection over each human being that LOVES HIM.
To be a 'doorkeeper' in the House of my GOD is BETTER than 'all the RICHES this wicked world has to offer.
GOD created this mountain, He allowed us to name it, Myers' Mountain, so that we would 'proclaim' ONLY JESUS SAVES, no other under Heaven & earth.
One of GOD'S 'special gift's to us are our families, the love they show us when we need help. A precious grandson, says to himself, THIS is gonna be easier to 'SHOVEL' IF I PUSH SOME OFF FIRST !!!!! grandson #2 -middle name Wayne.
Today the 'first day' of Lent, or the Easter season.......a visual reminder of the 'Man of Sorrows', JESUS the Crucified One, was 'not in vain'. His love is sooo GREAT, he died that we would have 'life in HIM', HE ROSE AGAIN to be the 'world's only LIVING SAVIOR'  !!
LENT comes from the Anglo-Saxon 'lencten', which means 'SPRING', the time of the lengthening of the days. Lent also is a time of  'reflection & self examination' 4 all Christians. Lent lasts 40 days, not counting Sundays. Sundays are 'not' counted because Sun. always celebrates Jesus' victory over SIN & Death. So, all Sundays are 'EASTER or Resurrection Sunday' !!!
The beauty of a delicately woven bird nest, to remind us that all living creation has been created by HIM.  UNLESS we are 'born again', we cannot enter into the Kingdom of GOD. Gospel of John-ch.3- the New Birth--Jesus & Nicodemus.
In April of 1973, I 'chose' that NEW BIRTH. If U want to know more, U can email me.
Spring will be here in GOD'S TIMING, bursting with 'new life' all around us !!! SMILE, be at PEACE, the 'one' who watches after the Sparrow cares even much more for YOU. MATTHEW 6:25 to 34


Jodi said...

Hi Toni,

We enjoyed this last post. Did you know that our last name (Lenz) is German for 'lenten', that is, spring. It comes from the same root word as LENT.

Treasures on GOD'S mountain said...

Thank you Jodi, I learned something new from U today, that was very interesting about your name. I also did not realize that Lent meant Spring....till I read about it in a 'Church Seasons' booklet.

Vicki said...

I love this! What wonderful photos on God's Mountain...treasures, indeed. Thanks for your comment at Light for the Writer's Soul. My other blog is Windows to My Soul:-) Have a beautifully blessed week in the Lord!


Treasures on GOD'S mountain said...

Thank you Vicki,
I look forward to our new Blogging friendship. I'm also thankful to be able to read your wisdom on Writing.
Hugs to you also, Toni :o)