Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Some 2,000 yrs. ago, the 'greatest gift' was given to us, as GOD'S GIFTThis wooden manger set was 'hand made' &  painted by 'one' of our 3 grown children & their family, to Mom & Dad for Christmas.....With GOD by our side, each new day, can be a 'new beginning'. In our culture, Jan. is the starting point for a new yr. Jan. is a perfect time to reflect on the Christmas season, and all that the Lord has planned for us in the coming yr. On Jan. 6, the Christian calender, celebrates Epiphany, which signifies Christ's being revealed to the world & the visit of the Wise Men, also the 'first' Gentiles to whom Christ was made known.

What BEAUTY there is in a 'snowy winter day',
the comfort of a warm home, the pleasure of good books.

Winter, the world of nature, is 'resting' in PA. GOD touches our hearts & eyes to see the 'beauty' in the bare trees, the snow covered ground. What pleasure GOD gives us in observing 'children' at play. I read recently that children do NOT have 'past or future' in their minds, they live for the 'day' to enjoy their play. Although we 'do know' that our 4 yr. old grandson, does remember the 'past', and thinks of the 'future', as well. Little ones have great memories, that sometimes amaze us as adults.

What JOY in preparing our homes for family & friends, and a meal to be shared together, another daily blessing from the LORD Himself......a table & chairs & food on the table. the Lord has answered our Prayer again, as He has given us 'our daily bread' , but 'we' cannot live on bread alone, but the Word of God is our spiritual food ...Gospel Matthew 4: 4, Jesus said, 'man shall NOT live by bread alone, but by every 'word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD.

We have had our Christmas celebration, the day after Christmas; we have had the JOY of  celebrating the love of CHRIST with our children & grandchilren; the 'gift' of each other, sharing the meal, gift giving, the 'joy & pleasure' of being with 'each other'......THANK YOU LORD JESUS...
.The family has now left, the chairs are empty, we sit  remembering our time as family, and that GOD 'allowed' us another 'CHRIST'MAS together. We have, all that we 'need', the Lord, our family, (each other), and friends.....the JOY of serving HIM each day, LIFE DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT.......May our 'hearts' be wide open to see our 'daily blessings' AGAIN in 2010 !!!

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Jodi said...

HI Toni, thanks for the glimpse into your cozy home.