Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks 4 Ancestors & Today's Generation

Giving THANKS on  Thanksgiving 2009 for Ancestors, Baggage & All    
                                             This Thanksgiving 2009, without my maternal ancestors, would NOT have been the saying goes, 'we bring our baggage' with us, some we need to get rid of. Our 'ancestors' literally, did bring their 'baggage' with them to this country of USA.....literally, that was ALL they had to bring.
My  ancestors, from maternal side, came from Poland to Ellis Island in Nov. 1902, the sky was sooo 'blue' and they had a song to 'sing', because they were finally in the U.S.A., the land of the Free, and the 'home' of the Brave, where the USA FLAG did wave !! They had made it to the " Land of HOPE", hope for a better future for theirselves & their family !!All they had were the clothing on their back & their baggage in hand !! It took 'bravery' to get them here. To think of what they went through , should bring many a tear....Ellis Island is called, the "Island of Hope, Island of  Tears". Ellis Island is 'where' the OLD world met the NEW.......Immigrants, including my great grandparents 'adopted' the U.S.A. as their 'new home' !!!  I have been adopted also, by a Jewish Carpenter named JESUS. HE has allowed me to be HIS CHILD....I now have an 'old nature' & a NEW nature. The 'new nature' comes from being a 'child of GOD'.....AND my 'Adopted HOME' will someday be HEAVEN. O, what GLORY & BEAUTY will be there !!  Revelation 21 & 22 tells of a 'New Jerusalem' that will be born out of the 'previous Heaven"
I am 'very thankful' that our 'first born' daughter was able & willing to take me to Ellis Island, to see the 'Island of Hope' where my grandparents & greatgrandparents came by Ship from Poland. The bronze statue, to the right,  is of a 14 yr.old Irish girl who was the 'very first' Immigrant to enter the U.S.A. at Ellis Island.      Below, is another 'blessing' we are thankful 4, is 'youngest'  grandson........we took him 4 a walk after Thanksgiving dinner, PopPop & Grandmom. He loves all kinds of animals, bugs, all of nature, it seems, spiders & salamanders........this is a 'child in awe of GOD'S creation' !!!    He found 'grasshopper Haven' in Parkesburg, after Thanksgivng dinner.   It was 'his treasure' to behold !!

Ancestors leaving the 'old world', for the U.S.A.

I have an IRISH daughter in law, must ck. Ellis Isl. site 4  her ancestors, sometime.

Matthew 19:14 CHRIST JESUS said, Let the 'little children' come unto me, do not forbid them, for of such , is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 18:3 - Jesus said, Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted & become as little children, you will by no means, enter the 'kingdom of Heaven'. v.4,5........also 1 John 3: 1-3 -children of GOD - Psalm 127:v.3 - behold, children are a hertage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb is reward.  Psalm 127 is a mere 5 verses of instruction  from GOD.

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What a beautiful story,great pics too.