Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Officially Spring - March 2011

Happy Spring to each of  you. I have had a lot of  trouble with this BLOG, getting it to open for months. I found out some of the Widgets can really 'slow things up' I got rid of some of those.
So I hope to be able to 'spring forth' with more thoughts, and less delays.
We are at the tail end of  March, ready to MARCH right into APRIL.
It seems like it came in with a ROAR,  and it might go 'out' with a ROAR !!

Some things I read the last few days, in 'quiet time' with GOD, are as follows: Actor - John Wayne was known for saying "Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much." That advice is prob. hard for many of us.  In Scripture, it says, "A Soft answer turns away wrath" - Prov. `15: 1  meaning it helps greatly to keep away  Anger, for 'both' people. So an old saying we used to hear: "BITE your tongue' adding onto that, "before your tongue BITES others.
Even our chickens are enjoying  'free range', to ck. for any bugs, etc., that they haven't tasted all winter ;o) They have the Orchard to explore as they choose.

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