Monday, April 19, 2010


my Mother's old stew mother is remembered for her love of flowers, plus many other our family we lovingly remember her beef stew: there was beef, carrotts, and seashell noodles inside this we kept this memory of 'my mom & her stew' ALIVE., by making a new use for an old pot....that would have died & vanished without use. So also, GOD takes us human beings, and gives us 'new life in CHRIST', WHEN we shed the OLD SELF & old life, and we also become new creatures in CHRIST.  II Corinthians 5:17   
May we all learn to see the beauty in old things, including old people. It takes a long time to get OLD, so look with respect at 'old things & old people'. There is 'great beauty' in being OLD, especially when we 'know' the Creator of our Souls !!!
SMILE, BEE HAPPY, BRING JOY to others, celebrate each day, cause This is the Day the Lord hath made !!!  PSALMS 118:24


Jodi said...

Love it!:)

Lady Farmer said...

A wonderful way to keep a memory alive ~ with two of the things your mother liked best ~ flowers and her stew pot! I have so many of my grandmother's things. They always remind me of her!

Treasures on GOD'S mountain said...

Thank U sooo much Jodi and Lady Farmer, for your comments.
I enjoy looking at each of your 'blogging' thoughts & photos also.

God's Grace & Peace to U both...