Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oct. 31, 2009 - All "Hallows' Eve'

dear  'family & friends',
Please 'bear' with me, I am still 'transitioning' to this new venture of Blogging, not LOGGING, but BLOGGING !!  I may take up 'LOGGING' next yr., but for now I have my plate full with 'blogging'  ;o) !!
I have changed my BLOG title to TREASURES on GOD'S MOUNTAIN, instead of Thoughts from Toni on God's mountain.  I decided to 'not' put my name in the title. So I hope that will clear up any confusion I have caused. I am still trying to get rid of the 'original' title on my blog......;o(
I would like to finish what I said in the first blog, I was about 2 yrs. old when my 'dad' returned from WWII, I then had to 'transition' from not having my 'daddy' to having one. My father had to 'transition' from being in 'combat' for our country, to being 'free' to be at HOME with his wife & little daughter. He carried with him, the 'scars' of WAR, many were his nightmares. Remember to PRAY 4 those men & women, protecting countries at this time.
Today is 'All Hallows Eve', not really Halloween......... in God's Word, the word 'hallow' is a synonym 4 the word, 'sanctify'.  The prayer that many of us know, the OUR FATHER, uses the word 'HALLOWED be Thy Name',  O Lord
Back to speaking of MYERS' Mountain & Faith Orchard. We have gone thru much 'transitioning' on this MOUNTAIN. One of those transitions, was our 3 children growing up & leaving home to start their own lives. There is a 'huge red Maple tree' outside our dining rm. window. It is sooo gorgeous at any season of the yr.  There hangs a simple flat bd 'swing' on that tree, that my 'creative husband' made. That swing represents 'our children' & now our GRANDCHILDREN' !!!

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Jodi said...

hey Toni,

I'm keeping up with you, haha :) Lord bless your week. Hope to get some apples soon.